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Ultimate Clocks

The clock or watch has always been a an exciting challenge for designers and now several more varieties of telling the time have appeared all over the web. Here are our top 10.

Mario Klingemann came up with a novel use of Flickr here where each image is a random digit image from the popular photo sharing site. More here (takes a few seconds to load)

Next up is the Human Clock. Like all good ideas this one is incredibly simple, just take photo’s around the world of locals holding the time. Unfortunately there’s no direct link but a Web Clip Widget works as a nice alternative to the standard widget clock.

DropClock is a screen saver where four digits of heavy Helvetica fall through water in slow-motion every minute creating an intriguing and pleasing effect.

Simon Heys is the digital designer and programmer behind World Clock. Not the most imaginative name but the clock strangely addictive to watch.

Pulse Clock is an Actionscript experiment with realtime shadows in Papervision 3D by a fella called Mrdoob.


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